(Refined) Quest Rafaam Warlock!

Class: Warlock - Format: phoenix - Type: control - Season: season-79 - Style: fun

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Deck Import

The goal of this deck is to control our opponent the entire game, causing them to run low on steam, then drop Rafaam after healing up to roll over them with low cost legendaries. This deck steam rolls burst decks such as Soul DH, as well as Fireworks Shaman. And had good match ups against aggro decks.

The only opponent sided matchup is against Libram Paladin, as their late game can get very strong with libram duplication and big minions.

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  1. LavarDio - Author
    October 9, 2020 at 11:52 am

    Deck gameplay here! https://youtu.be/2pJZWlb3GlU