Firebat’s The Pinnacle 2014 Handlock

Class: Warlock - Format: wild - Type: control - Season: season-9 - Style: tournament

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  1. Zaksame
    January 2, 2015 at 9:07 am

    I tried this deck and does not perform very well on ladder.It definitely is very powerful versus control because it has more threats than normal Handlock but it has no way to deal with Zoo or any fast deck.Having played the Chow version gives a LOT more success as well as 2x Earthen and 2x Hellfire to help battle rush decks.

    That is the big difference here,Tournament decks don’t try to battle everything but try to be stronger versus similar contests.On ladder you have to build a more rounded deck or you simply battle the 50-55% win rate all the time.Having played the Chow version i have about a 50-55% win rate versus Rush decks where as with Firebat’s version i was getting owned by rush decks.