Control Taunt Hunter

Class: Hunter - Format: gryphon - Type: control - Season: season-85

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General Mulligans

Generally you want to try to get Primordial Protector at turn 8 or 7 if you have the coin.  Against aggro, you want to go for the Cultist for some taunt and healing and your low cost spells to try and control the board.

Yes, here’s another wacky deck by Djann.

Control hunter?! Well let’s see what we’ve got.

I wanted to do the achievement Grand Guardian and summon a 10 cost minion with Primordial Protector.  That’s only possible with druid and hunter, and druid sounded too easy; so I wanted to make something fun and unique.  

I originally tried this deck with Guardian Animals but that was a bust, so I thought Jewel of N'Zoth was worth a try, and there are a ton of deathrattle taunts out there in Standard right now.  So between Death's Head Cultist, Teacher's Pet, and Taelan Fordring, you have a lot of good early game presence that turns into great value with Jewel.  Obviously Scrapyard Colossus feels great with Jewel as well, and helps activate the Corruption package as well as the all-star spell, the reason I built this deck: Nagrand Slam.

Also didn’t realize there were no 4 cost cards till I was putting this together on here, so I made room for Kazakus, Golem Shaper.  Played the idea in my head of adding N'Zoth, God of the Deep, but I feel like that just adds too much top heaviness (I may try it though).

I haven’t played against a secret paladin, so it’s probably the bane of this deck, but it’s very strong against most midrange decks and okay against spell mage.  I also beat a couple aggro decks, but I need to play and experiment more.

What do y’all think?!

Edit: I did end up adding in a Guardian Animals to help draw out Teacher’s Pet and aid with general board control.  Took out a Nagrand Slam for a second Scrapyard Colossus since the 7/7 taunt comes back with Jewel of N’Zoth and that’s sweet.  Also played with the early spells to be better against aggro decks, and added Krolusk Barkstrippers instead of Claw Machine and Kazakus.  Willing to play around with other things if anyone has ideas!

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  1. Bmbroomhead
    April 18, 2021 at 8:52 pm

    Sick deck! A little slow early game in the current meta, would recommend subbing out a clown for another cultist or some other early board presence