Shaman was always one of the classes getting Murloc synergies, but despite getting a Murloc synergy here and there (even getting a Murloc-related Quest – Unite the Murlocs!), the archetype never really took off. Until now.

Murloc Shaman is a pretty scary deck in the early Rise of Shadows meta. With the right hand, it can snowball the game and win in just a few turns. Scargil provides an insane tempo tool, while Underbelly Angler adds a very necessary refill. Between those, a solid 1-drop (Sludge Slurper) and a new Neutral Murloc (Toxfin), Murloc Shaman looks quite strong so far.

Check out an in-depth look at this deck type with mulligans and play strategy via our Murloc Shaman Deck Guide!

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