“Highlander” deck is a deck that runs no duplicates, and once again those builds have gotten more support. Saviors of Uldum introduced a Neutral Highlander Legendary (Zephrys the Great) as well as a few class ones. Hunter was one of the classes that got support – in a form of powerful Dinotamer Brann – and it’s currently the strongest Highlander deck in Standard (after Mage was nerfed).

Highlander Hunter is basically a Midrange/Secret Hunter hybrid. The deck runs some interesting cards that you wouldn’t put into those archetypes simply because it can’t play duplicates. Of course, that’s a big disadvantage, but the two Legendaries are more than enough to make up for it. Zephrys might be the best card in the game, giving you whatever you need at the time, and Brann is also a very high tempo play – not only you get King Krush at a 2 mana discount, but also put an extra 2/4 body into play. Besides Highlander Legendaries, it has one more power spike – Zul'jin, which nearly always put some minions and Secrets on the board.

The deck’s game play is rather straightforward – it’s your classic Midrange playstyle, which relies on powerful mid game turns that let you snowball the game. If you stick some minions on the board and start pushing damage even just for a few turns, you should be able to finish your opponent with constant Hero Powering, Kill Command, 8/8 with Charge etc.

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