Community Decks of the Week – December 31st, 2015

Happy New Year everyone! This is our second week of featuring community decks. Thank you to everyone who has registered and submitted decks so far. If you haven’t already you can Register and create new decks with our Hearthstone Deck Builder.

These decks are chosen based on originality, popularity, and guide construction. Utilization of all aspects of the deck builder, e.g., Featured Image, Deck Description, and Mulligans makes you far more likely to be chosen.

Check out all of the Community’s decks here.

Note: These are not all-top tier decks. Some are listed because they have an interesting spin on a standard list, and some are listed just for bringing a unique idea to the table!

We’ve seen a lot of Dragon Priests floating around, but I have yet to see one that utilizes Malygos and Priest’s direct damage spell Mind Blast. I think this is a pretty cool concept, and Emperor Thaurissan is the card that allows for this kind of gameplay! LollTroll also wrote a nice guide that accompanies the deck, great work!

Thanks to LollTroll for the submission!

This is one of those decks that existed a long time ago. Warsong Commander used to read: “Your other minions have Charge”, which meant you could drop Molten Giants on the table for 0-mana, attack your opponent, and then use Youthful Brewmaster to bring them back to your hand and drop them down again to destroy your opponent. Now that Warsong Commander has been nerfed into the ground you don’t have that option, but Loriboss uses other resources to create a similar result. You can use Alexstrasza and then then drop a couple of Molten’s with Charge to finish your opponent!

Thanks to Loriboss for the submission!

This is a great deck if you love yourself some Murlocs. The deck uses Everyfin is Awesome and Bloodlust for some epic burst, and while this is not the most consistent style of deck, there will be times where you’re able to blow out your opponent by turn-5!

Notacanadian24 also wrote a very nice mulligan guide to accompany this deck, so be sure to check that out!

Thanks to Notacanadian24 for the submission!

Midrange Hunter is a deck from the early days of Hearthstone. Currently it’s a bit on the low end of the competitive scene, but Missplay has a list with some interesting cards in it. Jeweled Scarab and Brann Bronzebeard make appearances, along with Ram Wrangler. Getting a Wrangler with Brann on the board would be super strong (double King Krush anyone?).

Thanks to Missplay for the submission!

Reincarnate Shaman is always kind of lingering in the background as a possible deck for the future. The satisfaction of using Reincarnate on a Sylvanas Windrunner is hard to match. This is a great deck for having a bit of fun with if you’ve been hitting a wall in the game!

Thanks to EatSweets for the submission!

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