Hearthstone Balance Patch Should Be Coming Next Week, Celestial Alignment Might Get Nerfed in It

Iksar posted an interesting image on Twitter earlier today. It looks like he’s teasing one of the upcoming nerfs – Druid’s Celestial Alignment. The card was already nerfed once back in Alterac Valley – from 7 to 8 mana – but it didn’t stop Druid from abusing it in multiple builds ever since.

Right now Celestial Druid doesn’t have a particularly outstanding win rate (around 50%), but it’s not exactly about win rate – players commonly ask for Alignment nerf because the card is just not very fun to play against.

While you could think that he’s trolling, he already set a precedent by doing literally the same thing for Sorcerer's Apprentice before it was nerfed shortly after. You can find our post about it here.


With this tweet from DeckTech, it’s all but confirmed that balance patch is coming next week. We should likely have more details about it on Monday or Tuesday.


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