Mana Cost








Name Class Rarity Type
Taunt. Deathrattle: Deal 2 damage to ALL characters.
Neutral Rare Minion 5 4 4
Acidic Swamp Ooze
Battlecry: Destroy your opponent's weapon.
Neutral Rare Minion 2 3 2
Addled Grizzly
After you summon a minion, give it +1/+1.
Druid Rare Minion 3 2 2
Draw 2 cards. Costs (2) less for each Treant you control.
Druid Rare Spell 5
Air Raid
Twinspell Summon two 1/1 Silver Hand Recruits with Taunt.
Paladin Rare Spell 2
At the start of your turn, swap this minion with a random one in your hand.
Neutral Rare Minion 3 0 3
Aldor Peacekeeper
Battlecry: Change an enemy minion's Attack to 1.
Paladin Rare Minion 3 3 3
Aldor Truthseeker
Taunt. Battlecry: Reduce the Cost of your Librams by (2) this game.
Paladin Rare Minion 5 4 6
Alexstrasza's Champion
Battlecry: If you're holding a Dragon, gain +1 Attack and Charge.
Warrior Rare Minion 2 2 3
Alley Armorsmith
Taunt Whenever this minions deals damage, gain that much Armor.
Warrior Rare Minion 5 2 7
Secret: After your opponent plays a minion, summon a 2/3 Ambusher with Poisonous.
Rogue Rare Spell 2
Ancestral Spirit
Choose a minion. When that minion is destroyed, return it to the battlefield.
Shaman Rare Spell 2
Ancient Krakenbane
Battlecry: If you've cast three spells while holding this, deal 5 damage.
Hunter Rare Minion 3 3 3
Ancient Mage
Battlecry: Give adjacent minions Spell Damage +1.
Neutral Rare Minion 4 2 5
Ancient Shade
Battlecry: Shuffle an "Ancient Curse into your deck that deals 7 damage to you when drawn.
Neutral Rare Minion 4 7 4
Ancient Shieldbearer
Battlecry: If your C'Thun has at least 10 Attack, gain 10 Armor.
Warrior Rare Minion 7 6 6
Ancient Watcher
Can't Attack.
Neutral Rare Minion 2 4 5
Angry Chicken
Enrage: +5 Attack.
Neutral Rare Minion 1 1 1
Animated Armor
Your hero can only take 1 damage at a time.
Mage Rare Minion 4 4 4
Magnetic Divine Shield Taunt
Paladin Rare Minion 4 2 4
Anyfin Can Happen
Summon 7 Murlocs that died this game.
Paladin Rare Spell 10
Apothecary's Caravan
At the start of your turn, summon a 1-Cost minion from your deck.
Warlock Rare Minion 2 1 3
Aquatic Form
Dredge. If you have Mana to play the card this turn, draw it.
Druid Rare Spell 0
Arbor Up
Summon two 2/2 Treants. Give your minions +2/+1.
Druid Rare Spell 5
Arcane Breath
Deal 2 damage to a minion. If you're holding a Dragon, Discover a spell.
Mage Rare Spell 1
Arcane Brilliance
Add a copy of a 7, 8, 9, and 10-Cost spell in your deck to your hand.
Mage Rare Spell 4
Arcane Devourer
Whenever you cast a spell, gain +2/+2.
Neutral Rare Minion 8 4 8
Arcane Dynamo
Battlecry: Discover a spell that costs (5) or more.
Neutral Rare Minion 6 3 4
Arcane Flakmage
After you play a Secret, deal 2 damage to all enemy minions.
Mage Rare Minion 2 3 2
Arcane Golem
Charge. Battlecry: Give your opponent a Mana Crystal.
Neutral Rare Minion 3 4 2
Arcane Nullifier X-21
Taunt Can't be targeted by spells or Hero Powers.
Neutral Rare Minion 4 2 5
Arcane Overflow
Deal 8 damage to an enemy minion. Summon a Remnant with stats equal to the excess damage.
Mage Rare Spell 5
Arcane Shot
Deal 2 damage.
Hunter Rare Spell 1
Arcane Watcher
Can't attack unless you have Spell Damage.
Neutral Rare Minion 3 5 6
Arena Patron
Overkill: Summon another Arena Patron.
Neutral Rare Minion 5 3 3
Argent Commander
Charge, Divine Shield
Neutral Rare Minion 6 4 2
Argent Lance
Battlecry: Reveal a minion in each deck. If yours costs more, +1 Durability.
Paladin Rare Weapon 2 2 2
Argent Watchman
Can't attack. Inspire: Can attack as normal this turn.
Neutral Rare Minion 2 2 4
Armor Vendor
Battlecry: Give 4 Armor to each hero.
Neutral Rare Minion 1 1 3
Armored Warhorse
Battlecry: Reveal a minion in each deck. If yours costs more, gain Charge.
Neutral Rare Minion 4 5 3
Whenever a friendly minion takes damage, gain 1 Armor.
Warrior Rare Minion 2 1 4
Arrogant Crusader
Deathrattle: If it's your opponent's turn, summon a 2/2 Ghoul.
Paladin Rare Minion 4 5 2
Ashtongue Slayer
Battlecry: Give a Stealthed minion +3 Attack and Immune this turn.
Rogue Rare Minion 2 3 2
Assassin's Blade
Rogue Rare Weapon 4 2 5
Astral Rift
Add 2 random minions to your hand.
Mage Rare Spell 2
Auchenai Soulpriest
Your cards and powers that restore Health now deal damage instead.
Priest Rare Minion 4 3 5
Auctionhouse Gavel
After your hero attacks, reduce the Cost of a Battlecry minion in your hand by (1).
Shaman Rare Weapon 2 2 2
Auspicious Spirits
Summon a random 4-Cost minion. Corrupt: Summon a 7-Cost minion instead.
Priest Rare Spell 4