Buddies Are Coming Back To Hearthstone Battlegrounds In Patch 25.6 + New Expansion Announcement Next Week

Update: New buddies for Heroes added after they were gone were just revealed – find them at the bottom of this post.

X.6 patches are one of the major Hearthstone updates, usually bringing some new stuff for each format. Today Blizzard has announced some of their plans for the upcoming patch 25.6 – Buddies are coming back to Battlegrounds. They also dropped one more announcement (of the announcement) – a new Hearthstone expansion will be revealed next week! Of course, it’s not a big surprise, because that’s right on the schedule, but it’s good to know that things haven’t been delayed by anything.

It looks like Buddies are coming back to Battlegrounds, with a small revamp. Instead of a “Buddy Metter” that fills itself as you play (faster if you win), we’ll get a Buddy Button instead.

Buddies will be now ranked between Tier 1 and 6, and the “button” will cost between 11 and 21 gold. However, don’t fret at that number, they will get cheaper over time. To be more precise, 3 gold cheaper for each tied or won combat and 2 gold cheaper for each lost combat.

Of course, new Heroes that were added since last time Buddies rotated out will get their own. And my guess is that some of the old ones might also get reworked completely.

Buddies are only one of the features of the upcoming Patch 25.6 – patch notes will drop next week and that’s when we’ll learn more (including, like I’ve said at the beginning, about the new Hearthstone expansion). Read more in the blog post below:

Battlegrounds is bringing back Battlegrounds Buddies for the mid-season update in Patch 25.6! Buddies are those friends, sidekicks, or pets that are specific to each Battlegrounds Hero and designed to synergize with their style of play. Buddies are earned throughout the match and can give you a big boost when you need it most! Now that Buddies are back, we’re building on that friendship with a few updates.

New Buddies!

Buddies are back for every Hero that had a Battleground Buddy before, but Battlegrounds has grown since Buddies were last here, so there are plenty of opportunities to make a new best friend! Heroes who don’t already have a Buddy will be getting their Buddy in Patch 25.6, like Murloc Holmes’ iconic new Buddy, Watfin!

A New Way to Make Friends!

The Buddy Meter will be going away and there will be a “Buddy Button” in its place that you can press to get your Buddy immediately. The initial cost to get your Buddy will be based on your Buddy’s Tavern Tier. Buddies are having their Tavern Tiers reworked, so now there can be Buddies of Tavern Tiers 1-6. The cost to buy a Tavern Tier 1 Buddy will start at 11 Gold and the cost to buy a Tavern Tier 6 Buddy will start at 21. The cost will then reduce by (3) for each won or tied combat, or reduce by (2) for each lost combat.

Like with the previous Buddy Meter, the Buddy Button can be activated up to twice per game. The first time you press the Button, you’ll get one copy of your Buddy and the second time you press the Button you’ll get two copies. The cost to press the Button resets and is slightly increased after you press it the first time. That lets you plan ahead and choose when is the right time and value for your Buddy (or Buddies) to join your warband!

upgrading an Ability beyond the prior Max

Bud Wait, There’s More!

Follow the official Hearthstone social media accounts to meet some new Buddies today! Then, stay tuned for the 25.6 Patch Notes next week with more information about all the new Battlegrounds updates coming in this patch, as well as news about Hearthstone’s next expansion!

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New Buddies


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  1. Banaani
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    Why isn’t Enhance-o Mechano’s buddy Holomancer (like Hearthstone Mathematic’s youtube channel)?

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    March 7, 2023 at 1:12 pm

    Actually pretty exciting news, can’t wait for it!