BlizzConline (February 19-20, 2021) Schedule Reveal

Last week we’ve got some more news about the upcoming BlizzConline and now we know a full schedule. We’re getting 6 simultaneous streams – one for WoW, Hearthstone, Diablo, Overwatch and Strategy (mostly Starcraft), as well as a general stream, mostly following and rebroadcasting the most interesting bits from other five.

When it comes to Hearthstone, the most important panel will clearly be Deep Dive happening right after Opening Ceremony. We should get some quick announcements during Opening Ceremony, such as the new expansion’s name (assuming it will be announced at BlizzCon at all), but more information will be shared during the following panel. Hearthstone devs will be joined by Brian Kibler to showcase some plans for Hearthstone in 2021. I expect stuff like card reveals (either from expansion or from Core Set), maybe more info about the new game mode, as well as some more general announcements (possibly 2021 roadmap). Give that the new expansion might launch mid-March, it’s the perfect time to share some spicy info.

Another panel that I would recommend watching is Hearthstone Q&A, which opens Day 2. Of course Q&A’s are always a mixed bag, because their quality really depends on which questions get picked. Still, I’m sure that a lot of players will ask questions about Day 1’s announcements, which means that we might get even more info there.

Other than that, we’re getting Battlegrounds Exhibition (8 player invitational tournament), Streamer Showdown, and a couple of panels related to art and voice acting. which will certainly be interesting to watch, but I don’t suspect that any big announcements will happen during those.

If you want full schedule in your local time, check out the official Blizzcon website. Otherwise, you can find it below (in PST).¬†Of course, if you won’t be able to watch it live, don’t worry – everything important will be covered here!

Day 1:


Day 2:


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  1. Solaris29
    February 11, 2021 at 8:56 am

    RIP Heroes of the storm T_T

    • Stonekeep - Site Admin
      February 12, 2021 at 1:31 am

      When Starcraft gets more air time than you…

      But I still wonder why HotS failed so badly. The game was really fun, especially for a more casual MOBA fan. Granted, I haven’t played in in years, because I didn’t have enough time for another online game, but back when it first launched and within the following year I had a great time with friends.