A New Hearthstone Balance Patch Is Coming Next Week

Good news, everyone! Final Design Lead Aleco Gereco has shared some info on Twitter yesterday. It looks like there’s a balance patch in the works – it should release next week.

Technically he said that it will be out in a ~week, which would make it land around Thursday (just like the last couple of balance updates). However, the “small” problem is that Heroic Brawliseum starts on Wednesday, so releasing a balance update on Thursday would be… pretty bad, unless they refund people’s runs. Otherwise people will wake up with the deck they paid 1k gold for nerfed and that’s not good.

So it’s either releasing on Tuesday, right before Brawliseum (which would make it even more spicy), or on Thursday, which will make a lot of people angry. So let’s hope for the first date. Or, alternatively, for them to delay the Brawliseum for a week.


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