A New Battlegrounds Legendary Quest Chain Is Out, Rewards BG Emotes & Jandice Barov Skin

Another unannounced Legendary Quest was added to the players’ logs, this time related to Battlegrounds.

The Quest has three parts in total. You get a new one immediately after finishing the previous one.

  • Intro the Fray – Play 1 game of Battlegrounds.
  • Conquest the Pack – Win 1 game of Battlegrounds. (Winning in BG = getting top 4)
  • First Among Equals – Win 1st place in 1 game of Battlegrounds.

First two Quests give you new emotes, while the last one gives a Jandice Barov hero skin.

You have two weeks to finish the Quest, so even if you only play BG casually, that should be plenty of time to get it done.


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