24.2.3 Hearthstone Hotfix Patch Notes – Battlegrounds Balance Updates, Arena Micro-adjustments, Bug Fixes

Patch 24.2.3 is being released right now. It’s a rather big hotfix with tons of Battlegrounds changes, Arena micro-adjustments and bug fixes.

BG updates are mostly related to Armor Tiers, some Quest requirements got adjusted too. On top of that, Bru’kan, Tavish, Sir Finley and Master Nguyen, who were temporarily removed due to a bug, are now back in the Hero pool.

Arena part of the patch notes is more brief, but it’s basically the same thing as always – the strongest cards of overperforming classes got their appearance rate reduced (and vice versa for the weak classes).

And, just like always, the patch comes with some bug fixes.

It’s a server-side hotfix so you don’t need to download anything. Check out full patch notes below:

Patch 24.2.3, a server-side hotfix patch, is currently being rolled out the to the regions. The patch includes updates to Battlegrounds and Arena, as well as a few bug fixes, as follows.

Battlegrounds Updates

General Updates

• Returned Bru’kan, Tavish, Sir Finley, and Master Nguyen to the hero pool.

Armor Tier Updates

• Silas Darkmoon, Tamsin Roame, and The Great Akazamzarak are now Armor Tier 1 (0 Armor).

• Al’Akir, Dancin’ Deryl, Lady Vashj, Lord Barov, and Jandice Barov are now Armor Tier 2 (2-5 Armor).

• Alexstrasza, Dinotamer Brann, and Skycap’n Kragg are now Armor Tier 3 (3-6 Armor).

• Cariel Roame, Kael’thas Sunstrider, Kurtrus Ashfallen, Mr. Bigglesworth, Onyxia, and Zephrys, the Great are now Armor Tier 4 (4-7 Armor).

• Guff Runetotem and Queen Azshara are now Armor Tier 5 (5-8 Armor).

• Galakrond, Infinite Toki, King Mukla, Rat King, and Sindragosa are now Armor Tier 6 (6-9 Armor).

• Captain Eudora and Lord Jaraxxus are now Armor Tier 7 (7-10 Armor).

Quest and Quest Reward Updates

Quest Baseline Adjustments:

As a reminder, these are baseline numbers that are affected by several factors in-game.

Unmask the Culprit
• Old: Lose or tie 3 combats.
• New: Lose or tie 2 combats.

Sort It All Out
• Old: Order your minions from lowest to highest Attack for 4 combats.
• New: Order your minions from lowest to highest Attack for 3 combats.

Find the Murder Weapon
• Old: Increase a friendly minion’s stats 15 times.
• New: Increase a friendly minion’s stats 17 times.

Dust for Prints
• Old: Add 17 cards to your hand.
• New: Add 18 cards to your hand.

Reenact the Murder
• Old: Have 19 friendly minions die.
• New: Have 20 friendly minions die.

Reward Difficulty Adjustments:
• The Smoking Gun, Staff of Origination, Tiny Henchmen, Stolen Gold, Alter Ego, and Secret Sinstone were made more difficult to earn.
• Ghastly Mask, The Friends Along the Way, Snicker Snacks, Anima Bribe, and Teal Tiger Sapphire were made easier to earn.

Arena Update

Several micro-adjustments were made to the draft appearance frequency to several cards to make high-performing classes weaker and lower-performing classes more powerful.

Bug Fixes and Game Improvements

• [Hearthstone] Fixed a bug where Remornia, Living Blade could cause disconnects under certain circumstances.

• [Battlegrounds] Baby King Krush will now lose Stealth even if its Devilsaur attacks and kills its target.

• [Battlegrounds] Fixed a bug where the Training Session Darkmoon Prize did not work properly with Sire Denathrius.

• [Duels] Fixed a bug that prevented the Potion of Sparking Passive Treasure effect from triggering.\

• [Solo Content] Fixed a bug that prevented a Book of Mercenaries puzzle from being completed after the most recent Magister Dawngrasp balance change.

• [Solo Content] Fixed a bug that prevented a Book of Mercenaries puzzle from being completed after the most recent Magister Dawngrasp balance change.



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