(Update: Second Hotfix Released) 24.0.1 Patch Notes – Grease Bot Removed from Battlegrounds, Bug Fixes

Yesterday, Blizzard has pushed a server-side hotfix to tackle a few problems. The most important bit is that they temporarily removed Grease Bot from the Battlegrounds minion pool. Not sure if it’s because of a bug or balance, but the card was certainly dominating Mech lobbies.

On top of that, they fixed a couple of bugs, for example ones related to “Joust” cards (they are supposed to reveal a minion from both players decks and compare their cost, but they would reveal spells instead).

Check out full patch notes below:

We are currently in the process of rolling out a server-side hotfix with the following updates:

Balance Change:
• Grease Bot is being temporarily removed from the Battlegrounds minion pool.

Bug Fixes and Game Improvements:
• Fixed a bug where “Reveal a minion in each deck” (aka “jousting”) cards could reveal spells instead of minions.
• Fixed a bug preventing the Hats on Hats on Hats achievement from progressing.
• Promoted Deck Swabbie to the Pirate minion type in Duels.
• Temporarily disabled players from rolling Quests based on the new Murder at Castle Nathria mechanics until after the expansion launches. Players who have already rolled those Quests can re-roll them, save them until the expansion launches, or complete them in Duels.



It looks like there was another hotfix released that fixes the bug introduced by the first hotfix… It also deals with a couple of Duels bugs, so I guess that it’s not that bad.

We are currently in the process of deploying an unscheduled 24.0.1 server hotfix patch following yesterday’s scheduled 24.0.1 server hotfix patch. This unscheduled hotfix patch includes a fix to a bug that was introduced with yesterday’s patch as well as two Duels adjustments, as follows:

• Fixed a bug where Moonlit Guidance would not draw the Discovered card when played.
• Adjusted the Brittle Bones Duels treasure offering algorithm.
• Changed the cards in the “Live to Win” Duels card bucket to include more diverse offerings.



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