(OUT NOW!) 18.6.1 Patch Notes – Big Battlegrounds & Duels Balance Update Coming Tomorrow (November 5)

Update: The patch is now out on PC. Just like always, mobile release might take up to a few more hours.

A new patch was just announced, which should make a lot of Battlegrounds players happy! As you probably know, BG meta right now is dominated by Elementals. With them being available every run and clearly the strongest tribe, forcing them is often a good strategy if you want to have a shot at high finish. In this patch, Elementals are getting nerfed, while some other types are getting a slight buff, which should overall make the meta much better.

On top of Battlegrounds, the patch also brings a lot of Duels updates. The new mode went into early access less than 2 weeks ago, but let’s just say that there’s still a lot work to be done. With quite limited Hero Power & treasure availability, currently the mode favors a few strategies that are most likely to get 12 wins, while other classes are too weak. Additionally, the balance of Treasures/Passives you pick on the way is a bit off – the biggest offender was already removed from the pool (Robes of Gaudiness), but there’s still quite a lot of work, some of which is addressed by this update. Remember that the mode becomes available to everyone on November 12, while the Season 1 (with more HPs & Signature Treasures) releases alongside expansion, on November 17.

To be honest, many players have expected a balance update before new expansion, but November 12 was the most likely date (given that there’s a patch on that day anyway). Meanwhile, the patch will drop way sooner – tomorrow, on November 5.

You can find the full patch notes below:

We’re planning to release a sizable balance patch for Duels and Battlegrounds tomorrow! You can read the full details below.

Duels Balance Updates

  • Ratings change dialog at the end of a run will now be more impressed with your number of wins.

Active Treasures

  • Mr. Bigglesworth has been removed from the active Treasures pool.
    • Dev Comment: Mr. Bigglesworth was a very bad kitty and snuck into the pool, he has now been removed and is being dried off.

Party Portal

  •  Old: 6 Health → New: 4 Health


  •  Old: [Costs 1] → New: [Costs 0]


  •  Old: [Costs 2] → New: [Costs 1]

Canopic Jars

  •  Old: [Costs 4] → New: [Costs 5]


  •  Old: [Costs 11] → New: [Costs 10]

Pure Cold

  •  Old: [Costs 6] → New: [Costs 5]

Passive Treasures

Crystal Gem

  • Old: On your first turn you have 2 Mana Crystals. → New: On your first two turns you have 1 extra Mana Crystal.

Demon Hunter

Summoning Ritual

  •  Old: [Costs 4] → New: [Costs 5]


Deadly Weapons 101

  •  Old: Give your weapon +2/+1. Combo: Also give it Poisonous. → New: Give your weapon +2/+2. Combo: Also give it Poisonous.

Roguish Maneuvers

  •  Old: [Costs 2] → New: [Costs 1]


Totemic Power

  •  Old: Summon a random Totem. If you’re Overloaded, summon a non-basic Totem as well. → New: Summon a random Totem. If you’re Overloaded, summon a non-basic Totem instead.


Dark Arts

  •  Old: [Costs 2] → New: [Costs 1]


No Guts, No Glory

  •  Old: [Costs 2] → New: [Costs 1]

Battlegrounds Hero Updates

  • Nefarian has been removed from the Battlegrounds Hero pool.

Queen Wagtoggle

  • Wax Warband
    • Old: Give a friendly minion of each type +2 Attack. → New: Give a friendly minion of each type +2/+1.

The Curator

  • Menagerist
    • Old: Start the game with a 1/1 Amalgam with all minion types. → New: Start the game with a 1/2 Amalgam with all minion types.


  • Trash for Treasure
    • Old: [Cost 0] Remove a friendly minion. Get a random one from a Tavern Tier lower. → New: [Cost 1] Remove a friendly minion. Discover a random one from a Tavern Tier lower.

Rat King

  • A Tale of Kings
    • Old: Whenever you buy a minion of a specific type, give it +1/+2. Swaps type each turn. → New: Whenever you buy a minion of a specific type, give it +2/+2. Swaps type each turn.


  • Tavern Lighting
    • Old: Give a random friendly minion stats equal to your Tavern Tier. → New: Give a friendly minion stats equal to your Tavern Tier (targeted).

George the Fallen

  • Boon of Light
    • Old: [Costs 3] → New: [Costs 2]


  • Dream Portal
    • Old: At the start of your turn, add a Dragon to Bob’s Tavern. → New: Bob always offers an extra Dragon whenever the Tavern is refreshed.

The Great Akazamzarak*

  • Prestidigitation
    • Old: [Costs 2] → New: [Costs 1]
    • Effigy removed from Secret pool.
*11/5 Update: The Great Akazamzarak has been temporarily removed from the Hero Pool due to some unintended interactions. We’re planning for The Great Akazamzarak to return in a future update.


  • Galakrond’s Greed
    • Old: [Costs 1] → New: [Costs 0]
    • No longer Freezes.

Tess Greymane

  • Bob’s Burgles
    • Old: Refresh Bob’s Tavern with minions from your last opponent’s warband. → New: Refresh Bob’s Tavern with your last opponent’s warband.

Elise Starseeker

  • Lead Explorer
    • Recruitment Map now costs 2 (down from 3).

Lord Barov

  • Friendly Wager
    • Now gives your gold back on ties (1 gold refunded).

Battlegrounds Minion Updates

  • Elementals will no longer be a minion type in every match.

Wrath Weaver

  • Old: 1 Attack, 1 Health. → New: 1 Attack, 3 Health.


  • Old: [Tier 3] 2 Attack, 8 Health. → New: [Tier 2] 2 Attack, 5 Health.

Iron Sensei

  • Old: [Tier 4] → New: [Tier 3]

Southsea Strongarm

  • Old: [Tier 4] 5 Attack, 4 Health. → New: [Tier 3] 4 Attack, 3 Health.

Ripsnarl Captain

  • Old: 3 Attack, 4 Health. → New: 4 Attack, 5 Health.

Lightfang Enforcer

  • Old: At the end of your turn, give a friendly minion of each minion type +2/+1. → New: At the end of your turn, give a friendly minion of each minion type +2/+2.

Gentle Djinni

  • Old: [Tier 5] → New: [Tier 6]

Lieutenant Garr

  • Old: 8 Attack, 1 Health. → New: 5 Attack, 1 Health.

Lil’ Rag

  • Old: 6 Attack, 6 Health. → New: 4 Attack, 4 Health.

Dread Admiral Eliza

  • Old: Whenever a friendly Pirate attacks, give all friendly minions +1/+1. → New: Whenever a friendly Pirate attacks, give all friendly minions +2/+1.


  • Old: Battlecry: For each different minion type you have, Adapt randomly. → New: Battlecry: For each different minion type you have among other minions, Adapt randomly.

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  1. Giakourgos
    November 4, 2020 at 11:46 pm

    Nice but still .. in BG 9/10 games show that late game winners are elemental decks. I would suggest removing Nomi kitchen nightmare from the game and moving cracking cyclone at tier 4. Seems legit to me..

    • JoyDivision
      November 5, 2020 at 12:57 am

      Jupp. It doesn’t really matter what starting totals Garr or Rag have. Moving Djinn back to 6 is a pretty big deal though. And pushing some other tribes in the early / mid game might be enough to balance it. I guess we’ll see.

      Best thing is that from now, there will be games without Elementals. 😉

  2. Sidus
    November 4, 2020 at 7:58 pm

    So what exactly is the Tess change? Just looks like wording change unless it literally gives you the the board they had (buffs included), but I don’t think they would do that considering Bigglesworth exists and it would be 20 times better than his.

    • Bash
      November 4, 2020 at 11:51 pm

      I assume you get unbuffed mobs but the complete board= up to 7 minions on any tavern level. So not only as many as your tavern level would let you get before…which I think is very strong.

    • JoyDivision
      November 5, 2020 at 12:54 am

      I’m relatively sure that you’ll get offered all minions of your opponent’s warband (regardless of your Tavern tier).

      Didn’t even think about the possibility that you’ll get to pick buffed or golden minions though… wording implies it but yeah, would be bonkers so I hope it will be ‘basic’ minions.

      • Leoric13th
        November 5, 2020 at 1:03 am

        This change will now brings all minions from your last opponent’s warband to you, Includes duplicates. For example it will bring you both Lil’rags of their warband to you if they have ????

    November 4, 2020 at 7:32 pm

    Is there a simpler interpretation of the text change to Amalgadon, “among other minions”? Is this basically removing other Amalgadons from applying to a newly played one? A bit confused, but everything else looks great. Hopefully it shakes the meta up quite a bit.

    • Fidgety Troll
      November 4, 2020 at 9:05 pm

      amalgadon counted itself as 1 minion type when its battlecry triggered before… now it wont

    • JoyDivision
      November 5, 2020 at 12:50 am

      Amalgadon 1 doesn’t count itself.
      Amalgadon 2 counts Amalgadon 1 (and all other minions in your warband).
      rince, repeat.

      Wording is exact this time. 😉

        November 5, 2020 at 8:11 am

        Got ya! That’s what I was assuming it meant, but probably didn’t translate it correctly. I think this is good, especially with builds that dont rely on Brann. Thanks for the clarification

  4. Enemy
    November 4, 2020 at 1:30 pm

    Heh, it’s quite weird to think that George’s HP was 4 mana.

    • Stonekeep - Site Admin
      November 4, 2020 at 4:32 pm

      And it was considered a quite strong Hero Power at the beginning! (At least when Nefarian wasn’t around…) But the game has changed A LOT since then.