Tavern Brawl ‘Servant of Yogg-Saron’ Tryouts

This week’s Tavern Brawl is ‘Servant of Yogg-Saron’ Tryouts! Choose a class, you get a deck full of random neutral and class minions. Each time you play a minion a randomly chosen spell will be cast.

Official Description for Tavern Brawl ‘Servant of Yogg-Saron’ Tryouts

Help Yogg-Saron find a servant! Your deck is full of wannabes who cast a random spell at a random target when played.

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Tavern Brawl An Ancient Recipe

This week’s Tavern Brawl is An Ancient Recipe! No deck building in this Tavern Brawl! All you have to do is pick a class and you’ll get to play the Un’Goro deck recipe from that class!

Official Description for Tavern Brawl

Un’Goro has lain dormant for eons… and it hides many delicious treats! Pick a class and we’ll cook you up the Un’Goro Deck Recipe for that hero.

List of Deck Recipes

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Tavern Brawl Valeera’s Bag of Burgled Spells

This week’s Tavern Brawl is Valeera’s Bag of Burgled Spells! No deck building in this Tavern Brawl, you start as Rogue so just hit play and your deck will be filled with spells from every class. When you play one of those spells a random minion of the same cost will be summoned!

Official Description for Tavern Brawl Valeera’s Bag of Burgled Spells

Valeera has stolen spells from every class and filled your deck with them! Each of those spells will summon a random minion of the same cost when played.


  • The random minion is summoned BEFORE the spell takes effect, so using Twisting Nether for example will destroy the minion that it summoned.

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Tavern Brawl – The Masked Ball

This week’s Tavern Brawl is the Masked Ball!

Official Description for Tavern Brawl The Masked Ball

At the SI:7 mansion in Stormwind they have a grand masked ball every year. Everyone is in disguise! When a minion dies, its disguise is revealed, showing the minion to actually be a different random minion that costs (2) less and ready for another fight!

Reward is a Classic pack this week!


  • 1-Drops do not receive the Deathrattle bonus making them a weaker choice for your deck.
  • 2-Drops are also a bit on the weaker side because they only spawn Wisp or Target Dummy
  • Minions with a Summon Deathrattle are extra powerful because they will spawn the original minion and an additional minion.
  • Spellbreaker and Ironbeak Owl are pretty quality cards in this Brawl.
  • Lil' Exorcist has finally found its meta!
  • Druid of the Claw does NOT get the Deathrattle bonus.
  • Tokens and minions you Summon do not receive the Deathrattle bonus.

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The Masked Ball Deck Lists

The deck below is from the previous version of the Tavern Brawl, but should still work.

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Tavern Brawl Week 8 Chalkboard

Tavern Brawl A Mammoth of a New Year

This week’s Tavern Brawl is A Mammoth of a New Year! This is a co-op Tavern Brawl where you play with another player cooperatively. The first object is for you and your partner to hit the Hero Power button and create decorations for the party. The Hero Power is always the amount of mana you have, so if you spend some of it the cost goes down but will create less decorations. Your job is made more difficult by the Party Crashers that spawn on either side of the board each turn. You’ll want to balance playing minions on the board and pressing the button.

Once you’ve completed your decorating a Party Pinata boss card spawns, you need to bring down its health to 0 from 85 (similar to co-op brawls in the past). The Party Crashers are also buffed +2/+2 in this phase making your task harder. Your Hero Power changes to a two mana one called “Pelt” which deals two damage to the Party Pinata. Each time you hit the Pinata you have a chance to get a useful cards which can destroy one of the Party Crashers that spawns on the board, draw you cards, or heal you and your partner. Every other turn(?) Party Pinata will cast a spell that deals 2 damage to all minions but itself and the Party Crashers so be sure to use any low health minions before this happens!

Once you and your partner have dealt the 85 damage to the Party Pinata you will have succeeded!


  • Each player starts as either Druid or Rogue.
  • Make sure to keep your partner alive, if one of you dies the game’s over!
  • When you’ve hit the Pinata phase, make sure to keep at least one open spot on the board or you’ll lose all of your minions.
  • Try to keep a balance of trading into Party Crashers and dealing damage to the big Pinata with your minions.
  • Make sure to trade your minions if they get below two health so they don’t die to Pinata’s AOE spell.
  • If you plan on hitting the Party Pinata with a minion make sure to do it before you play anything because you could get a card you need!

Reward: One Journey to Un’Goro Pack!

Official Description for Tavern Brawl

The party is here! Work together with another player to decorate the tavern and kickoff a grand New Year of Hearthstone.

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