Wild Open 2019 – Qualified Players

Wild Open 2019 initial qualifiers are over! Top 100 players from each server got into the second stage, and we’ve got an official list. Next step will be Play-Offs (which won’t be broadcasted) on February 16. And finally, 8 players in total will go to the Finals happening on February 23, fighting for their share of $30,000. You will be able to watch them live on the official PlayHearthstone Twitch channel.

If you want to see the full list of players who qualified to the Play-Offs, check out the official blog spot.

Stay tuned for more information, such as the competitors’ deck lists!

Countless perfectly-timed Reno Jacksons, belched sludges, and broken ice blocks have all led to this – the 2019 Wild Open players have been decided! Check out the list below and be sure to tip your tankard to the fiercest 300 competitors who battled to the top of the ladder and qualified from taverns across the globe to compete in the WILDEST Hearthstone event of the year.

Tune in and follow PlayHearthstone on twitch.tv to get a notification as soon as the Wild Open Finals go LIVE on February 23, 2019. You won’t to miss finding out which of these competitors will take home the grand prize, along with a year’s worth of bragging rights!

Interested in seeing who is currently topping the ladder? Check out the NEW live leaderboards for both standard and wild game modes.

For the full details on the Wild Open competition, check out our introduction blog here.

No matter who wins, this year’s competition is sure to be wild – Best of luck to the competitors!



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