(Update: Winners Announced) We’re Running A Custom Death Knight Card Competition On Our Discord Server!

Update: Voting is now live in the #event-voting channel. Pick your favorite card until Monday – we’ll post the result here too!

Update #2: The competition is now over and we have winners – I’ll post them at the bottom of this page.

Lately, we had a lot of rumors about the upcoming Hearthstone expansion. Apparently, it might be the one where we finally get a new class – Death Knights! If you want to read our previous analysis of those rumors, check out this article.

Of course, nothing is confirmed yet, but we can still have some fun. We’re organizing a custom card competition on our Discord server. Design a card that would best fit into a theoretical Death Knight class in Hearthstone. There are no restrictions – it can be any card type or rarity, you can approach it seriously or make a fun one instead, base it on already existing Warcraft characters or design a new one, and so on. You also aren’t limited to the existing keywords, you can come up with a new one (you just need to explain what it does).

The winner will be picked through community voting – we’ll also post the highest voted cards here. While we don’t offer any monetary rewards, the winner will get a special Discord role. We just thought that it would be a fun way to engage with our fans in this rather slow news period.

We set a submission deadline on Friday – if you want to know more about it, check out #discord-events channel on our server. Have fun!


The competition is now over and we have winners!

  • 1st place – Blood Pact – Remit#6068
  • 2nd place – Icecrown Guard – Mio#0525
  • 3rd place – Kel’thuzad, Master of Chains – Kontraband#9190


Congratulations! There was a lot of discussion about the competition on our Discord, and I feel like our community generally liked it. So we might also try out other Discord events in the near future 🙂


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