Our Duels Deck Builder Just Got Better

Last week, we’ve reported that our Duels deck builder is now live. However, it only had the most basic functionality of building 15 card decks with no duplicates and being able to output the deck codes. Which is – of course – what the deck builder is supposed to do, but it lacked the main mechanic unique to Duels – a choice of Hero Power & Signature Treasure.

In the current (hopefully final?) version, we start by picking the class, then Hero Power & Signature Treasure. Since Treasure is a part of the deck, it counts to the mana curve. You can also check out which Hero Power you’ve picked while you’re building the deck (in case you forgot). But the best part about it is how the deck is displayed after you save it:

Since you can clearly see which Treasure & HP you’ve picked, showcasing your decks is now super easy and much more clear than doing the in-game screenshot (or just writing what HP/Treasure combo you picked in the description). Of course, it also makes it easier for us to share 12 wins deck lists.

Deck builder is accessible through the drop-down menu at the top or directly through this link.

If you have some feedback or you have experienced any bugs, let us know!


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  1. Zombie69
    November 19, 2020 at 12:26 pm

    Looks amazing, thank you!