(Ending Soon) “Midsummer Fire Festival” In-Game Event Guide, How To Unlock All The Free Rewards

Reminder: The event is ending very soon, so if you still haven’t done some Quests, it’s your last chance to get all the rewards!

A new event system was introduced in Hearthstone a while back. Instead of doing them through regular Quests (usually chained together), we have a separate event UI with its own rewards track, unique quests, and so on. It’s a huge upgrade compared to what we previously had – it’s significantly more intuitive now.

A new event has just launched. It’s called “Midsummer Fire Festival” and it lasts for 21 days (until August 1 at 10 AM PT / 19:00 CET). It means that you have plenty of time to complete enough tasks to get all of the new rewards.

It’s the biggest event we had so far, lasting for a total of 3 weeks and requiring 3000 XP to get all the rewards. Don’t worry, it sounds harder than it is, as the later Quests give you a huge chunk of that XP. The event is also done in a pretty clever way – if you only care about the Battlegrounds reward, you can ignore Constructed and still get it (and the other way around – you don’t need to play Battlegrounds to get all the other rewards).

Rewards List

There are 3 different reward tiers:

  • 100 Event XP – 1x Standard Card Pack
  • 500 Event XP -1x Standard + 1x March of the Lich King Card Packs
  • 1000 Event XP – Battlegrounds Hero Skin – Sparkhoarder Togwaggle
  • 2250 Event XP – 1x Standard + 1x March fo the Lich King + 1x Festival of Legends Card Packs
  • 3000 Event XP – Hero Skin – Felblaze Illidan

Summing up all the rewards gives us six card packs, one Battlegrounds skin, and one Constructed skin. Here’s the close-up of those skins:

How To Unlock All Rewards

In order to unlock all 5 reward tiers, you need to get 3000 event XP. But how hard is that, exactly? How much do you need to play in order to do it?

This event is different than the previous ones. Instead of the Daily Quests, it has two separate Quest Chains you can see above – one for Constructed and one for Battlegrounds. And it’s actually done in a pretty clever way. No matter if you’re only playing Constructed or Battlegrounds, you can get all the rewards relevant to your mode by playing your game mode – you don’t have to dive into the other one.

You see, there’s only a single Battlegrounds reward (Togwaggle skin) and it takes 1000 Event XP to get it. The whole Battlegrounds Quest Chain gives you exactly 1000 XP. So you can simply finish the whole chain and then ignore the other rewards if you only play Battlegrounds.

Now, if you play Constructed, you need a whooping 3000 Event XP to get all the rewards you might want. However, Constructed Quest Chain gives you 2800 XPThat’s not exactly enough to get all the rewards, but you’re only missing 200 XP – that amount is quite easy to grind by simply playing the game over the course of the event or doing a couple of BG Quests.

Keep in mind that you can’t finish the whole Quest chain on Day 1. You can only complete a single main Quest per day. It’s doubly important for this Quest since there are no dailies and most of your XP comes from Quest Chain. You can’t just catch up and do the whole Chain on the final day of the event – you need to start at least a week before the event ends.

Since this event has no daily Quests, the only other way to get XP is by simply playing the game. There is no official data on how much you get per game exactly, but it seems to be tied to match length. An average game of Traditional Hearthstone should give you about 5 XP, while an average match of Battlegrounds will net you roughly 15 XP. Of course, shorter/longer games can change those numbers!

So in the case of Constructed, since you will be 200 XP short after doing the whole chain, you need to play roughly 40 matches over the course of 3 weeks in order to get the rest of the XP. Or, alternatively, you can play some Battlegrounds and get the rest of the XP that way.

Since most of the XP is tied to the main Quest chain, you can’t really speed things up that much in this event. If you want all the rewards, it will probably take you a whole week to get them (since there are 7 quests in the Constructed chain). Maybe 5-6 if you play the game quite a lot and do Quests from both formats. And if you only want the Battlegrounds reward, you can finish that Quest Chain in 5 days (again, you can speed things up by a day or two by playing the game a lot or doing the other Quest chain).


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