Meet the Chinese Competitors at the 2019 HCT World Championship

HCT 2019 World Championship is near – the tournament starts next week. Which means that it’s time to learn more about the competitors! First, Blizzard showcases the three Chinese players, who will compete in this $1.000.000 tournament.

Read about them below!

Team China’s 3:0 win over Brazil at the 2018 Hearthstone Global Games Finals was one for the history books. China has always had a massive competitive presence, with some of the scenes largest third-party events taking place in the country. Ahead of the 2019 HCT World Championship we wanted to give a brief introduction to the three players representing the region at the most prestigious tournament of the year.

Xu “LFyueying” Kai

To play on stage at the Hearthstone World Championship is a dream come true for LFyueying. “I just want to tell people not to give up easily in anything you do,” he said. “I experienced a down period in my Hearthstone career as well. I lost every tournament narrowly. It was very difficult, but I managed to pull through, so here I am. I think if you have a goal, you should try your best. Do not leave room for regrets.”

LFyueying was born in Haikou City, Hainan, but currently resides in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu. His biggest supporter is his girlfriend, who he says offers endless encouragement. “My biggest rival is myself. If I can overcome the mental pressure, there are no problems at all,” said LFyueying. Before finding Hearthstone, LFyueying wanted to be a professional singer.

Guan “SNJing” Zhendong

SNJing was introduced to Hearthstone through a friend while playing Chinese Chess, one of his favorite strategy games. SNJing is excited for his world debut as a fresh face on the World Championship stage. He’s ready for a rematch against Bunnyhoppor, who handed him defeat twice now in major tournaments.

“In the pursuit of your goals, talent is just a minor factor of success,” said SNJing. “What really matters is perseverance and dedication. A good attitude can make up for your technical flaws.”

Wu “LFXiaoT” Juwei

LFXiaoT been anxious since qualifying for Worlds, knowing that it’s the most important tournament of the year for him, the “ultimate test.” LFXiaoT spends 60–80 hours a week playing Ranked and training with partners, but still considers players such as Justsaiyan, Bloodyface, Hunterace, and Bunnyhoppor to be formidable rivals at the World Championship.

“When I decided to be a Hearthstone pro player, my father fully supported me,” said LFXiaoT. “Every time I have matches, my grandpa and grandma will watch my games despite the time difference, and my mom always calls me or sends messages to encourage me.”

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  1. Paulvilanoma
    April 16, 2019 at 7:39 pm

    Whoah this is an awesome list of players. And quite the prize pool too of 1,000,000. I wonder if these players would be competing at World Cyber Games as well since they’re also hosting Hearthstone. I don’t imagine there are that many Hearthstone events in a given year.

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