Duels Hotfix Coming Later Today – Robes of Gaudiness Removed From Treasure Pool, Turalyon Empty Buckets Issue Fixed

Team 5 has just announced that a hotfix for the new game mode – Duels – will come later today. Most importantly – Robes of Gaudiness will be gone from the treasure pool. It’s a really important change, given that the treasure seemed completely over the top compared to other options. The second fix is good news for Turalyon (Paladin) players – previously he was getting empty loot buckets more often than he should.

The hotfix is not live at the time I’m writing this, but when it’s released, it will be server-side, so you don’t need to download anything.


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  1. Rickert von F
    October 24, 2020 at 7:07 am

    Got this for the first time last night, immediately went 12-1. Four of my last five opponents also had it, and I only lost to one of those because they had more card draw.

    To compare, my previous best run (without Robes) was six or seven wins with shaman. Did pretty well until I started facing opponents with Robes.

    So, yeah, Robes will not be missed.