Plague-Excavate DK #1271

Class: Death Knight - Format: pegasus - Season: season-123

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Deck Import

Just hit legend with this plague deck. +90% chance to win vs warrior, that’s why I love it.

E.T.C. Band:
Saloon Brewmaster: usually combined with Photographer Fizzle/ The Azerite Rat/ Helya
Yelling Yodeler: combined with Distressed Kvaldir or Reska
Asphyxiate: I put this one to try it vs paladins but I haven’t used it yet.

Zilliax is 8/ 4-6 DS/LS/Rush/Reborn/Poisonous

If you can get brewmasters (returns a minion to your hand) with Scarab Keychain, it’s really good, there’s a lot of possible combos with this deck.

Frozen Over is really good. It’s obviously perfect as finisher when there’s a lot of infinite plagues in the opponent’s deck, but I also won a few games just by burning some cards with it or overfilling my opponent’s hand. It’s a great card, but a bit tricky to use vs OTK decks.

This deck works really well vs warrior (can win without Helya), it’s really bad vs paladins, and it has a pretty good chance vs everything else.

Copycat-Priest or w/e it’s called is a bit tricky. You have to be ready for Elise Badland Savior, and you have to do your best to prevent them from copying Helya or Photographer Fizzle, so try to save Spells like Down with the Ship to kill it off. If they already copied Helya, kill your distressed Kvaldir. It’s always situational but it was useful for me.

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