Life Murloc Wild Gigafin

Class: Warlock - Format: wild - Type: aggro - Season: season-99

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General Mulligans

chum bucket , depending if you have rock bottom, if not then don't draw it in the opening had,
look for any good two drops

bloodscent vilefin is wonderful

surprisingly this deck takes more know how then one would expect for little fish!
search for rock bottom starting hand

seadevil in gigafin is clutch, even if they don’t have a board set up.

Seadevil stinger into gorloc ravager is a great choice for cards

pump it up

Chum Bucket has a crazy way of multiplying your hand,, even if you only have two murlocs down!

deck is fun and fast,, 
maybe could switch grimscale oracle for another one drop.. maybe poison or the dude that gains plus one per murloc.

gentle megasaur gives the windfury win

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