BlindBison’s Classic Midrange Shaman

Class: Shaman - Format: classic - Season: season-88

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Deck Import

Potential Swaps:

  • 1 x (2) Bloodmage Thalnos
  • (2) Dire Wolf Alpha
  • (2) Knife Juggler
  • (3) Earthen Ring Farseer
  • 1 x (5) Harrison Jones
  • (6) Argent Commander
  • 1 x (8) Ragnaros


  • 1 x (4) Defender of Argus & (2) Flametongue Totem are awesome for taking advantage of our Totem Hero Power.
  • (4) Sen’jin & (6) Sunwalker (or other taunts as well could be included) are there to guard against all of the aggro and burst damage that exists in Hearthstone Classic. Especially with our weapons we end up taking a lot of face damage often times. They can also effectively shield (3) MTT which is sweet when it works out.
  • (8) Al’Akir / (5) Doomhammer / (6) Argent Commander can be comboed with (1) RBW or (2) FTT. @10 Mana, (6) AC can be played at the same time as (4) Defender of Argus.
  • 1 x (5) Azure Drake is pretty sweet for the cycle and will improve any spells we run that deal damage. It makes for a solid 1-of (1x) since you we may want to play out more tempo efficient cards while we can then save it til we need the card cycle or til we can combine it with one of our other spells.

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