BlindBison’s Classic Control Paladin

Class: Paladin - Format: classic - Season: season-88

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Deck Import

Potential Swaps:

  • 1 x (1) Elven Archer
  • 1 x (2) Acidic Swamp Ooze
  • 1 x (2) Ironbeak Owl
  • 1 x (3) Acolyte of Pain
  • (3) Earthen Ring Farseer
  • (3) Harvest Golem
  • 1 x (3) Tinkmaster Overspark
  • Another (4) Hammer of Wrath
  • (5) Fen Creeper
  • (6) Argent Commander
  • 1 x (6) Hogger
  • 1 x (6) Sylvanus
  • 1 x (9) Ysera


  • If you look below at the attached world tournament Classic Control Paladin lists it’s notable that every Paladin deck played ran a copy of Humility and a copy of Holy Light. Given the prevalence of burst damage at the time this is understandable, but I’ve considered running a copy of (3) Earthen Ring Farseer rather than (2) Holy Light since the body is useful and 3 health can serve as a more practical value for healing minions depending. (2) Holy Light is cheap and can be played in the same turn as (8) Tirion or (8) Ragnaros though and it can also trigger (2) Wild Pyromancer.
  • If you look below at the attached world tournament Classic Control Paladin lists it’s notable that every Paladin list ran double (5) Sludge Belcher when it was in circulation. Though that’s not available in Hearthstone Classic, (5) Fen Creeper can be included as a sort of poor man’s substitute though other card options are of course also considerable over this since (5) FC is notably weaker than (5) SB. Given the prevalence of burst damage in Classic though taunt minions can be valuable so (5) FC is still worth consideration.
  • (1) Elven Archer OR (3) Sword of Justice can combo with (2) Equality for a kill and it’s nice to have some way to deal 1 damage as we lack a hero power damage ping like other classes. (3) SoJ can interfere with our ability to play out (4) Truesilver sometimes, but can generate a reasonable amount of value for its cost overtime.
  • (3) Acolyte of Pain can combo with (2) Wild Pyro and is a good buff target for (3) SoJ. It also deals 1 damage which is nice again any 2/1s or 1/1s our opponent could play in the early game. If you run bother (3) Acolyte and (1) Elven Archer you can trigger your own (3) Acolyte with (1) Elven Archer in a pinch.
  • (1) Humility & (3) Aldor Peacekeeper can combo with (5) Stampeding Kodo
  • 1 x (3) Tinkmaster Overspark is risky but in the best case can effectively silence and nerf an enemy big boi such as (9) Ysera/Grom, that sort of thing. Alternatively you can play it out to target one of your Silverhand Recruits.
  • 1 x (6) Cairne and Sylvanus are powerful, but very slow. Still, they’re both such good cards that they’re worth consideration.
  • (2) Ironbeak Owl is cheaper than (4) Spellbreaker and is unaffected by (2) Equality which is a plus. Since it’s cheaper you can often play more cards in a given turn overall or pull off some combos in the late game which may not be possible with (4) Spellbreaker due to its cost. On the flip side (2) Ironbeak often will not trade at all whereas (4) Spellbreaker often will. This is because any AoE effect or hero power damage ping can remove Owl whereas (4) Spellbreaker will typically require something more significant to remove its body from the board.
  • (4) Hammer of Wrath + our other spells can all trigger Pyro so there’s more use to him beyond the (2) Equality combo.

Relevant Classic Control Paladins of the Era for Reference/Comparison:

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