Behelith Visions – Inner Tempo Priest

Class: Priest - Format: mammoth - Type: tempo - Season: season-37 - Style: tournament

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Almost legend with this list!

Here is my take on “silence priest” which is basically just the standard combo priest list with fixing one of its main problems: sticking on board. Nothing sticks better than huge minions and silence is even in the original list as an offensive tool to deal with taunts. So building on that you get bigger minions but lose out on the spell synergie. In my version i even keep the blademasters since having only ancient watcher and humongous razerleaf are, again, not enough threats. Acolyts and kabal talonpriest did sadly not make it into this. Talonpriest can suck on silenced minions and acolyth costs too much tempo and eats too many buffs. 

Card Choices:

Circle of HealingNorthshire ClericWild Pyromancer:

The best card in Priest is really the pyromancer. He secures board against aggro and combo pieces against control. The combination with northshire and circle is also insane compared to just and acolyth. One basically has 9 cards in hand after it and since this deck has such big taunts the comback after ignoring an enemy board can be even greater. In original decks priest of the feast does this job.

Wounded blademaster also adds to uses of the circle and ensures that the tempo plan is always possible. Some games without him are just desperately waiting for ancient watcher/plant sometimes. 

SilencePurifyFaceless Shambler all enable pacifist minions. Silence also replaces Shadow Word: Death in this deck becuse big minions are mostly buffed minions these days. It is obviously good to cycle purify but silence + heal is often better. You need to care for your minions because you still dont have many. 

Defender of Argus is super strong in aggro matchups. Putting one of your 4 attack minions to 5 can also be crucial these days.

Cabal Shadow Priest beats quest warriors since that matchup can be awefully hard if they dont give you an opening to combo.

I actually tried to cut Shadow word:pain but it has way too many uses right now and is always a card you want to see early game. There are so many snowball mechanics in aggro lists that need to be adressed.

Inner Fire is also making a huge statement in this deck: Use it for tempo! This deck is a lot about baiting removal. 2 copies help a lot with that. Having only one will make you save it for the finsihing combo and therefor a useless card. Not very good in tempo decks.

This deck seems to be easy to play but priest mechanics can always be tricky. There are however not as many spells being played as in the original version which makes this list a lot easier to analyse.

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