Dean “Iksar” Ayala Asks Players About Expansion Settings/Themes They Would Like To See, Ulduar Should Come Out “Someday”

Yesterday, Iksar asked another question on Twitter. This time he inquired about settings or themes people would like to see, since they’ll be brainstorming a future expansion soon. You can give your answers under this tweet:

Of course, most of the answers were already taken into the account by designers, but I can imagine that some of the more unique ones might give them some inspiration. Additionally, they can gauge the popularity of each setting and possibly base their choice on that.

One of the most common ideas, which also appeared this time, is Ulduar. It’s one of the most memorable WoW raids with incredible setting, lore and which many players consider to be the “peak” of WoW.

Interestingly enough, Iksar has replied to that answer, saying that it has been an expansion idea for the last 6 years and that someday they will do it. I don’t doubt it – it’s such an iconic raid that it would be a shame if it never got turned into an expansion, probably with a usual Hearthstone twist.

Interestingly, Darkmoon Faire was also setting commonly asked for by the players in the past, I’ve seen requests and theories about it dating as far as 2015. The discussion got reinvigorated last year, when Darkmoon Faire was the October 2019 card back. And, a year later, we’re very likely to get it (it’s all but officially announced at this point).


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