“Come One, Come All!” – Hearthstone Fall Reveal on October 22, New Game Mode / Darkmoon Faire Expansion Reveal? + Twitch Drops

A new Hearthstone teaser just dropped, annoucing a reveal stream for October 22. We expect a new game mode and possibly even a new expansion anouncements. The teaser pretty much confirms a very popular Darkmoon Faire theory. Check it out:

And here’s the official blog post about the event:

Come one, come all! On October 22 at 8:00 a.m. PT, on both Twitch and YouTube, Hearthstone Game Director Benjamin Lee will open our Fall Reveal stream with several major announcements! From there, Game Designers Pat Nagle, John McIntyre, and John Yang will speak to each reveal in-depth with our host, Brian Kibler. We’ve got some very exciting news in store that you won’t want to miss!

The event will also feature Twitch drops – those who watch it will be able to earn up to 2 Scholomance Academy packs for watching the event for just 45 minutes in total. Learn more here:

On October 22, watch 15 minutes of the Hearthstone Fall Reveal on Twitch.tv/PlayHearthstone between 7:30 a.m. PT – 9:00 a.m. PT to get 1 Scholomance Academy card pack. Watch for at least 30 minutes total to get another one! Before you can receive awards, you’ll need to link your Twitch.tv and Battle.net accounts. Here’s how:

  • Log in or create an account on Twitch.tv.
  • Navigate to the Settings menu by clicking your account name in the top-right corner of the home screen.
  • Navigate to the Connections tab of the Settings menu.
  • Find the Battle.net section, then follow the instructions after selecting a region and clicking Connect.
  • When connecting accounts, be sure that you’re currently logged into the Battle.net account on which you’d like to receive your rewards.

The official rules for Twitch Drops can be found here.

Tune in and be the first to know what’s coming in the final phase of the Year of the Phoenix!


A Hearthstone player and writer from Poland, Stonekeep has been in a love-hate relationship with Hearthstone since Closed Beta. Over that time, he has achieved many high Legend climbs and infinite Arena runs. He's the current admin of Hearthstone Top Decks.

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  1. ThE-MaRaC
    October 17, 2020 at 9:17 am

    Did they finally add support for Twitch drops to YouTube?

  2. Nerose
    October 15, 2020 at 2:12 pm

    Can we please get a card called Yohn Jang?