Wither Card

Wither is a 1 Mana Cost Epic Druid Spell card from the March of the Lich King set!

Card Text

Choose a minion. Each friendly Undead steals 1 Attack and Health from it.

Flavor Text

The opponent's minion can't live wither without you.

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  1. Benoitballs
    November 18, 2022 at 9:37 am

    obviously requires enough undead worth playing to see play, but assuming there are — this is really efficient removal and a huge tempo swing if you have enough minions. like 3 undead removing 3/3 from a minion while also buffing 3/3 to your minions is flat out like casting power of the wild & wrath all at the same time.

    I think it’s going to depend on undead aggro taking shape, but if it does this is an easy 2x and 4 star card.