Waxmancy Card

Waxmancy is a 2 Mana Cost Common Rogue Spell card from the Galakrond's Awakening set!

Card Text

Discover Battlecry minion. Reduce its Cost by (2).

Flavor Text

The waxmancer works with flame and form, giving shape to figures warm.
Some think he's a crazy creeper, but crafting minions is simply cheaper.

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  1. Lluadian
    January 21, 2020 at 12:07 pm

    This is actually a nice card it’s technically a 0 cost version of the shaman card. Take into account it can be reduced to 0 cost discover a battlecry that cost 2 less with preparation this could be a good card to use in a combo deck.

    Overall looking at the options I’d say it’s definitely a contender for the current combo deck since it does play preparation and you want to be able to make as big a chain as possible.

  2. Sonriks6
    January 21, 2020 at 10:35 am

    Discover mechanic was “nerfed” cause of Control Warrior/Dr. Boom MG meta so now Discover a Battlecry minion is MEEHH…