Fresh Scent

Fresh Scent Card

Fresh Scent is a 2 Mana Cost Common Hunter Spell card from the Galakrond's Awakening set!

Card Text

Twinspell Give a Beast +2/+2.

Flavor Text

*Sniff, sniff* Elite troops... *sniff, sniff* ...armed to the teeth and... *sniff, sniff* ...BAAACON!

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  1. DustDodo
    January 21, 2020 at 8:31 pm

    This card is way better than people think. It’s like the old Extra Arms. Yes it does have the beast downside, but in what world (other than spell hunter) does hunter not run beasts. And the Zuljin’ value. Easy 5 stars.

  2. A person who reacts to this
    January 21, 2020 at 1:48 pm

    Hehe 8/8 charge piggies for 1 mana here we go.

  3. Lluadian
    January 21, 2020 at 11:46 am

    This is scary and if played with zuljin can really make up for say rnging locusts first if you played it. Overall it’s a card likely to see play since it’s actually comparable to 2 uses of the dinomancy hero power without having to play a card and change your hero power.

  4. Sonriks6
    January 21, 2020 at 10:30 am

    Nice card for a Midrange Beast Hunter (Zul’jin/Master’s Call)