Bog Beast

Bog Beast Card

Bog Beast is a 6 Mana Cost Common Neutral Minion card from the Murder at Castle Nathria set!

Card Text

Taunt Deathrattle: Summon a 2/4 Muckmare with Taunt.

Flavor Text

I'm sure at least one of those bones is from an actual beast.

Bog Beast Additional Information

Muckmare Token:

Cards Relating to Bog Beast

Type: Minion - Cost: 3 - Attack: 2 - Health: 4

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  1. Masterpotato21
    July 21, 2022 at 4:19 am

    worse belcher and belcher wont be played if it was in standard. 1 star

  2. Cursore1610
    July 15, 2022 at 6:12 am

    Filler taunt minion. Good to discover and to randomly generate, but no deck is going to realistically play this.

  3. MathRockJesus
    July 14, 2022 at 9:12 am

    Another pretty decent Smokescreen Rogue minion, but the deathrattle is on the weaker side. Most likely not worth it.

  4. CASA
    July 14, 2022 at 1:36 am

    Pretty bad card.

    You can slow your opponents board but its pretty understated nowadays, no deck will run this.

    Also no tag.

    But a good roll for evolve shaman.


  5. BethLynn
    July 13, 2022 at 6:59 pm

    This feels like a reference to Sludge Belcher but it just doesn’t hold up in modern hearthstone. I don’t think it’s bad per say, it just feels too slow.