Blackrock Mountain Adventure: Heroic Decks – Decks to Defeat Heroic Bosses

If you’ve been struggling to complete your Blackrock Mountain Heroics and are looking for decks to get the job done then you’ve come to the right place. I’ll be putting up decks from people who complete the challenges early on, and then I’ll be adding the versions I used based off of their experience and my collection.

I’ll be updating this post as all of the bosses are completed!

Heroic Nefarian

Heroic Atramedes

Heroic Maloriak

Heroic Omnotron Defense System

Heroic Lord Victor Nefarius

Heroic Chromaggus

Heroic Vaelastrasz the Corrupt

Heroic Razorgore the Untamed

Heroic Rend Blackhand

After General Drakkisath this fight was a lot easier! Chakki used Paladin which was very dependent on starting with a Consecration. Hunter, used by Athene, was probably the better choice as Explosive Trap and Mad Scientist make this fight easily winnable. Once you score a clear with Explosive Trap it’s pretty easy to take him down from there. Mind Control Tech is also a solid card against his Hero Power.

Heroic General Drakkisath

This fight is very difficult and depends on both your draw and Drakkisath’s. What you are hoping for is an early swing turn with cards like Kel’thuzad, Alexstrasza, Sylvanas Windrunner, and/or Mind Control. If you lose the board or he gets off a Twisting Nether the game is likely over.

Note: Emperor Thaurissan does NOT work in this fight.

Heroic Highlord Omokk

Zoo makes this fight fairly easy. Cards with Deathrattle or that spawn multiple minions are crucial and make it harder for Omokk to destroy valuable minions. Imp-losion and Voidcaller are very useful.

Heroic Majordomo Executus and Ragnaros the Firelord

This battle takes some patience, and some more Priest Inner Fire work. Holy Nova/Velen’s Chosen does good work against all of his 3 health minions, and making sure not to let Majordomo ever drop a Molten Giant really helps. Get one big minion, and make sure to take Executus out in one shot and you should be able to take down Ragnaros in one or two turns!

Heroic Baron Geddon

This is a pretty cool mechanic, and I thought why not just try a Tempo Mage against him? It worked great, and I was able to finish him on my first try!

Heroic Garr

Priest really dominates these heroics. Circle of Healing and Mass Dispel help keep you from being destroyed, and Divine Spirit and Inner Fire on a Lightspawn will help finish the job.

Heroic Emperor Thaurissan

Kind of a tough fight, but as long as you can keep his wife alive with a Power Word: Shield you should be able to take him down with a buffed up Lightwell.

Heroic Dark Iron Arena

Freeze Mage is a good deck here, this is especially the case because Millhouse Manastorm gets played and will give you a great turn. I also had really good luck with allowing him to fill his board with Onyxia and his 1/1 taunt minions. Ice Barrier gives you time while you take his armor down and use Alexstrasza to finish him.

Heroic The Grim Guzzler

I went with Warrior here and used all of the big minions/legendary deathrattle minions I had. Kel’thuzad is going to be an all-star in a lot of these matches and did great work for me. Throw away cards to look for Whirlwind and Execute and this fight shouldn’t be too bad.

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