Best Decks From The League of Explorers (So Far)

We’re a couple of weeks deep into The League of Explorers and we’ve already seen a lot of deck innovation. These cards seem to have a done a lot to refresh the meta and make it a lot more fun! The one problem I’m starting to see, however, is that aggro decks are looking to get really popular. Nothing seems to infuriate people more than losing to aggressive face decks, and some of the recent strong decks have been more heavily directed towards the face.

Shaman might have gotten one of the cards it needed to gain relevance. Tunnel Trogg is a strong early minion with upside, it can halt other aggro decks and isn’t a dead card in the late game like Zombie Chow.

Warlock’s Hero Power is showing its dominance. The class has three strong deck variants, and who knows what other decks might be on the way. It makes deck building a lot easier when you have an easy way to draw cards.

Best Decks from League of Explorers

Purple got rank 3 on the legendary ladder with this deck. It uses both Dark Peddler and Brann Bronzebeard from LOE. Brann is just crazy in Dragon decks due to all of the strong battlecries. I expect to see him as an auto-include in any Dragon deck from here on out. Malylock was pretty dead prior to LOE, but now it’s making a strong resurgence back to the top of the meta.

Not a big change to Control Warrior, but the deck does contain Fierce Monkey. Another interesting addition to the deck is Spellbreaker. You will usually find Ironbeak Owl doing the heavy lifting for the Silence effect, but LifeCoach fills a 4-mana spot with Spellbreaker instead.

It’s hard to argue with a deck that got to rank 1 on the legendary ladder in Asia. The deck includes just one duplicate card, and that’s Molten Giant. It seems as long as you mulligan for a card, you can generally get away with running two. There does seem to be a bit of confusion about Reno Jackson. It only matters if there’s two of the same card left in your deck at the time you play it. So just drawing a Molten Giant is enough to enableĀ Reno Jackson.

I have to admit that I never expected to see Mech Shaman creep to the top of the ladder, but this version of the deck did. Reynad peaked at rank 5 legend with this deck, and it looks to be currently taking over the ladder. We’ll see if the deck has longevity, but if you thought Secret Paladin was bad, wait until you play against this!

I, for one, welcome out new Warlock overlords. This is a bit different than Reynad’s version of Zoo that we’ll get to in a bit. This is closer to standard aggressive Zoo, but with the new Dark Peddler for extra ammunition. Powder got rank 2 on the legendary ladder with this deck.

Are you sick of Warlock yet? Reynad’s Flood Zoo seeks to get a full board of small minions which takes advantage of the new card, Reliquary Seeker. Gormok the Impaler and Sea Giant both get a ton of value out of the full boards and give your opponent a lot to deal with.

Did I miss a deck? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Zane
    December 17, 2015 at 11:23 pm

    How could we forget the new miracle rogue rebirth? Hsdogdog’s version in particular

  2. Rosho
    November 28, 2015 at 4:04 am

    Some form of the many Reno Jackson Warrior seems worth a mention as they are very popular right now. They differ a bit but the general strategy seems to be to draw the game out with armor buffs to draw deep into the deck to draw out doubles, clear the board with brawl, and punish you in the end with high damage cards like Grom and Gorehowl.