Battlegrounds Bug – Tripling Micro Mummy Crashes the Game (Update: Disabled Again Because of Mobile Issues)

Patch 18.2, on top of all the new features, introduced a pretty major Battlegrounds bug. The new minion – Micro-Mummy – seems to crash the game when it gets tripled. You can’t reconnect until the match is over, so if it happens early, it usually means that you will end up 8th.

Blizzard is aware of the issue and are working on a fix right now. For now we would advise against trying to triple it, and we hope that the bug gets fixed quickly.

Update #1

Micro-Mummy got temporarily removed from BG. It will be added back when the bug is fixed.

Update #2

A patch went through, hopefully fixing the issue.

Update #3

Micro Mummy was once again disabled due to mobile issues…


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