Masked Brawl Ramp Druid (05 Apr 2017)

Class: Druid - Format: wild - Type: ramp - Style: tavern-brawl

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General Mulligans

Cheap deathrattles which summon extra minions power early Sea Giants - which can win you the game in pretty short order. Nerubian Prophet isn't a bad choice either as he can land on the board fairly early.

Just sort of cobbled together and got over an 80% win rate with it (11/2) … deathrattle minions gain a lot of extra value and power early (cheap) Sea Giants – which are pretty ridiculous as they can summon Ragnaros when they die.

Y’shaarj I just dropped in because it’s a ramp deck but it’s not a good call really since the minions he pulls don’t get the added deathrattle; but if he gets pulled from Barnes it’s pretty much game over anyway. N’Zoth would probably be a much better fit.

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