Standout Decks From Knights of the Frozen Throne (Day One)

I posted a ton of decks from the first day of the Knights of the Frozen Throne launch, so I wanted to call out a few of the decks that stood out from the rest. These might not all be the best decks, but they either saw a lot of play or brought something unique to the table.

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Standout Decks of Knights of the Frozen Throne

Probably the most obvious addition to the list. J4CKIE went 23 and 0 with this deck. Warlock seems to be back with a vengeance, or at the very least everyone wants to see it succeed. Out of all the classes I saw played throughout the day it was Warlock that was most well represented.

Defile appears to be one of the keys to Warlock’s early success, while Bloodreaver Gul'dan allows you to swing the game and protect you from lethal.

A lot of people were having success with Jade Druid, but Zalae used it to win 18 in a row on his way to Legend. Ultimate Infestation was one of the most highly touted cards coming into the release, and early on it seems to be the powerhouse we were promised. A card that was maybe a bit less on the radar was Spreading Plague which seems to fit nicely into the Jade package.

Mage seemed to be mostly avoided for the most part, but weghuz ran this Jaina Control Mage that did rather well early in the day. I’m guessing people might have had their fill of Mage recently due to all the Freeze/Burn Mage that was being played.

Warrior got a lot of attention in the first day, and one of the main lists I saw running around was various form of Tempo Warrior. Fibonacci put together a version that runs both the Warrior Death Knight and N’Zoth!

A very unique blend of big late game minions and combo pieces. This deck looks kind of crazy at first, but Iksar (Game Designer at Blizzard) mentioned that he had played with and against this deck the most in playtesting. That might not mean the deck is good, but it sure makes it interesting!

Dog seemed hellbent on getting this deck to work. It’s an awesome concept, you can fill the board with Arcane Giant and/or you can go to fatigue with repeating Dead Man’s Hand over and over. One of the problems for this deck for the average player is that it seems to be pretty difficult to play.

A bit of a familiar build, but Paladin was pretty strong throughout the Journey to Un’Goro meta, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that it continues to impress.


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