Hearthstone Americas Spring Preliminaries 2016 Decklists and Information!

I will be gathering the decks from the Hearthstone Americas Spring Prelims right here! Be sure to check back, as there will be a lot of decks and I will be adding as many as I can. I will also be highlighting the unique ones at the top of the page.

Thanks to Blizzard for sharing the deck lists with us!

Event Information

Unique/Different Decks from Notable Players

Unique/Different Decks from Lesser Known Players

View a huge list of decks after the jump! 

Deck Lists from the Americas Spring Prelims

Adidas5482’s Decks

Admirable’s Decks

Amaz’s Decks

Amnesiac’s Decks

APXVoid’s Decks

Astrogation’s Decks

Blake’s Decks

Bloodyface’s Decks

Bradfordlee’s Decks

Chakki’s Decks

Chance’s Decks

Chessdude’s Decks

Cydonia’s Decks

DeerJason’s Decks

Dog’s Decks

Duane’s Decks

Dude7597’s Decks

Fibonacci’s Decks

Freywind’s Decks

Fr0zen’s Decks

Fyrzabre’s Decks

Gallon213’s Decks

Hotform’s Decks

Impact’s Decks

Joster’s Decks

JustSaiyan’s Decks

KellenAbel’s Decks

Korextron’s Decks

LBYS’ Decks

LegolaS’ Decks

Muzzy’s Decks

Napoleon’s Decks

Neobility’s Decks

NoobOwl’s Decks

Nostam’s Decks

Payton’s Decks

Phonetap’s Decks

PNC’s Decks

Rosty’s Decks

Saturos’ Decks

SilentStorm’s Decks

Sudaka’s Decks

Talion’s Decks

Th3Rat’s Decks

TheRealDrWho’s Decks

TidesofTime’s Decks

vcT’s Decks

Vlps’ Decks

WtyBill’s Decks

XXXX’s Decks

Zalae’s Decks

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  1. Jayster
    May 19, 2016 at 5:10 am

    Does anyone know what will happen if Amnesiac wins this one too… He already has qualified for the World Championship so what will happen if he wins? I’m guessing this tournament is just for the money then for him.

    • Aero
      May 23, 2016 at 2:06 pm

      The second place is qualified instead.