Hearthstone Championship Tour EU Winter Playoffs 2017 Deck Lists & Information

The Hearthstone Championship Tour is starting up again and the European players will be vying for a spot to compete in the Hearthstone Winter Championship’s that will take place in the Bahamas in March!

Event Information

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I’ve compiled a bunch of the decks, however, this is not the entire list of players/decks so the stats aren’t complete.

There’s been a fair amount of card teching in this tournament. Some players have included Burgly Bully (in more than just Reno Mage) and Beneath the Grounds (2x in some cases) in Rogue to hurt Reno decks. Tempo Mage is also seeing some play, most likely due to the ability to ban Shaman.

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HCT EU Winter Playoffs 2017 Deck Lists

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