A Peek to the Past – Tavern Brawl

This week’s Tavern Brawl is A Peek to the Past! This is a deck building Tavern Brawl, but thankfully for you F2P players you only need Basic and Classic cards plus Epics and Legendaries are not allowed! This is similar (you can use Rares in this Brawl, and Pauper HS includes all sets) to the for fun format Pauper (from MTG), which limits you to only Basic and Common cards. There’s a subreddit you can check out if you’re interested: PauperHS.

Official Description for Tavern Brawl A Peek to the Past

Let’s take it down a notch, there, brawler. Make a deck using only cards from the Basic and Classic sets, but none of those fancy Epics or Legendaries, ya hear?

Submit your Tavern Brawl deck using our Hearthstone Deck Builder and your deck could be featured on this post!

A Peek to the Past Deck Lists

Check out our basic/free Hearthstone deck lists post for some ideas.

Community Decks

Tavern Brawl Chalkboard

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