Get a Fight Promoter Card for Free for Logging in on May 20th!

If you login on Saturday, May 20th, 2017 you will receive a free Fight Promoter card!


Ben Brode gave more explanation on why this is happening:

Lots of folks in this thread wondering: “Why? Are they testing something?”

Honestly we just think it’s fun to do surprising things. We like the feel of our Winter’s Veil event, our “Hearthstone New Years” event, and the (now-redundant) Friendly Feud, and we’ve been ramping up our events team to do even more. We have some stuff planned that I think will be pretty hot. Keeping Hearthstone spicy is important… and giving out a free card seemed like something easy we could do as a fun one-off. We have some bigger (and smaller) events planned… we’re just getting warmed up!
Enjoy the free card! (or the dust!)


Yeah, we can get you a card. Really! Log in to Hearthstone on Saturday, May 20, to get a Fight Promoter card for free!


No catch, just a free card–so don’t miss out.

We’ll see you in the tavern!


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