HCT Asia-Pacific (APAC) Spring Championship 2016 Deck Lists & Information

While the EU has crowned a champion, it is now time for the Asia-Pacific to have their time in the sun! The winner will earn their spot at the BlizzCon World Championship in 2016. Blizzard has kindly provided us with the decks, so check them out below! Also, if you missed the EU decks check them out here.

  • Day One: Friday, June 17 (9:00 PM PDT, Start Time)
  • Day Two: Saturday, June 18 (9:00 PM PDT, Start Time)
  • Best of 7 Conquest
  • Single Elimination
  • Livestream: Hearthstone’s Twitch Page
  • Bracket: Battlefy

HCT Asia-Pacific Spring Championship 2016 Decks

Caster’s Decks

EdwardElric’s Decks

Foot’s Decks

Handsomeguy’s Decks

Heisnotaxel’s Decks

Jako1910’s Decks

KillerHero’s Decks

Pinpingho’s Decks

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  1. Scott
    June 17, 2016 at 4:31 pm

    Top Tier: Shaman/Warrior-7, Hunter/Warlock-6
    Mid Tier: Druid/Mage/Rogue-4
    Low Tier: Paladin/Priest-1

    Hunter moving up, Paladin down. Otherwise the same as most recent tournaments.

  2. UnderKane
    June 16, 2016 at 11:25 pm

    What are the decks/players/match-ups a new comer should look out for here?