The Pinnacle 4

Blackrock Mountain is upon us, and The Pinnacle 4 is one of the first tournaments to feature some of the new cards. We’ve got the deck lists, SOME vods, and card stats below!

Notable Decks

A lot of decks were standard but with the addition of Emperor Thaurissan. There was some interesting wrinkles, however, especially from Darkwonyx who always finds ways to shake things up with his unique takes on decks. FRID brought an Aggro Paladin reminiscent of Savjz’s Eboladin, and TidesofTime brought a Mad/Madder Bomber, Frothing Berserker Warrior!

Notable Stats

Emperor Thaurissan made a dramatic entrance by claiming the top card spot with Dr. Boom! Piloted Shredder saw a bit of a drop from its usual 60+% perch to appearing in just 45.8% of decks. Druid is tied with Mage for the top class of the tournament followed closely by Rogue. Paladin and Priest were only brought by one person each, and Shaman was left out completely and desperately waiting for Fireguard Destroyer to be released.

Deck Lists


Card Stats

Card Stats are based on how many decks the card appears in.