Recruit Rush Warrior (2nd Nerf)

Class: Warrior - Format: Raven - Type: Ramp - Season: 59 - Style: Ladder

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Trying to make rush work in a more recruit setting with Akali being the star of the show!

With all the slow combo decks and priest being prevalent. This is my take on Recruit Warrior. The basic idea is usual cards to get recruit synergy plus Bright-Eyed Scout with a 63% chance of drawing something 5 or more in the deck. I had a couple of games with a 5 mana Woecleaver and ran away with the game. Also present is our underrated friend Akali, the Rhino. Akali has a couple of cool synergies with the deck. 1) Akali has a chance to draw 5 different impactful rush minions and make them huge threats when played. 2) The Rhino can be hit off of recruit to setup a huge rush minion to bait removal or sometimes threaten lethal. 3) It can be pulled from Oondasta and used to finish off another minion to again draw and buff a rush minion. 

Anyways, Enjoy surprising people with an super surprise warrior deck since 1% of Warrior players are playing this. It has enough burst to pressure and beat priest, slow pally, and odd quest warrior. Aggressive matchups are more polarizing, but the surprise wins you will find are a blast!

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