BlindBison’s Classic Handlock

Class: Warlock - Format: phoenix - Season: season-81

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Deck Import

Basic & Classic (Evergreen) Sets Only Control Warlock List

Potential Swaps:

  • 1 x (3) Brightwing
  • Another (3) Ironbeak Owl
  • (3) Harvest Golem
  • 1 x (3) Tinkmaster Overspark
  • Another (4) Shadowflame
  • 1 x (4) SI:7 Infiltrator
  • 1 x (5) Bane of Doom
  • Another (5) Faceless Manipulator
  • 1 x (6) Cairne Bloodhoof
  • 1 x (6) Dread Infernal
  • (6) Priestess of Elune
  • 1 x (7) Baron Geddon
  • 1 x (10) Deathwing


  • The recent loss of (12) Mountain Giant from the Classic set (and the nerf then subsequent revert and rotation of (20) Molten Giant as well for that matter) did hurt this list brutally unfortunately.
  • (6) Dread Infernal is a pretty bad card, but well — so are our other options given the restrictions in place. In the late game it can sometimes kill a “weeny” or two or bump an enemy minion into range of being killed by one of our other spells. I considered running (6) Cairne for sheer value, but I think the card is just too slow for this list. Meanwhile (6) DI “can” be a response albeit a generally weak one (and often too late VS aggro). Still, since (6) DI is so underwhelming perhaps best to cut it in favor of something else.
  • (3) Ironbeak Owl can potentially silence off the negative effect of (2) Ancient Watcher. (2) AW can be buffed with taunted or (4) SF’d instead.
  • (6) Argent Commander is sort of like a (3) Shadow Bolt + 4/2 body combined onto 1 card — @10 mana you can sometimes combine (6) AC with (4) Shadowflame or (4) Hellfire.
  • (5) Bane of Doom is sometimes bad, sometimes good, occasionally great — if we weren’t restricted to evergreen cards, I wouldn’t consider it and you could consider cutting this for another copy of (6) Argent Commander for example for damage from hand that’s more consistent, but we haven’t got much at the (5) mana slot and it can be nice to come out a turn sooner and ping something small off the board.

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