Odd Mage has been a fringe deck in the early parts of the Year of the Raven, but seeks to make some waves with the new Rastakhan’s Rumble expansion! The deck takes advantage of Baku the Mooneater and the powerful hero power it gives the Mage class.

In Rastakhan’s Rumble there are murmurings of a resurgence of the Mage class and this style of deck. Daring Fire-Eater could be an interesting addition, you aren’t going to be playing it on turn one, but it can be used on turn three as a way to clear problematic minions. Jan'alai, the Dragonhawk is the main attraction and going to be the major reason you play the deck. If you can get yourself a Ragnaros the Firelord and have a 4/4 body on the board on turn seven you are going to be quite happy.

Check out an in-depth look at this deck type with mulligans and play strategy via our Odd Mage Deck Guide!

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