Control Priest is a long-time archetype in Hearthstone. It has come and go in many forms, and has usually been on the weaker side of the meta. This changed in The Witchwood where a version with Mind Blast became popular and is sometimes literally referred to as Mind Blast Priest.

Now that The Boomsday Project expansion is here, the deck has continued to be a solid option for the class. It didn’t get much in the way of new cards, but it’s able to utilize Giggling Inventor as a way to stall into the late game so it can get to its powerful Mind Blast combo.

Check out an in-depth look at this deck type with mulligans and play strategy via our Control Priest Deck Guide!

Latest Control Priest Deck Lists

Deck Class Arcane Dust Updated Score

Control Priest – #182 Legend (Obivankenobi) – United in Stormwind

Format: gryphon - Season: season-90 - Player: Stonekeep
priest 5,820 1 day ago -4
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