Priest decks are more controlling due to a very defensive Hero Power. This, however, doesn’t prevent Priest from dishing out high amounts of damage with cards like Mind Blast and Prophet Velen. The class can also be very difficult to deal with because of its ability to gain and maintain board control with their Hero Power.


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Deck Arcane Dust Updated Score

Highlander Priest – #6 Legend (UTO) – Darkmoon Races

Format: phoenix - Style: ladder - Season: season-83 - Archetype: Highlander Priest - Player: Stonekeep
14,720 5 days ago 4

12 Wins (12-1) Priest – Liliaceae2 – Duels Season 1 (Wizard Duels)

Format: duels - Style: ladder - Season: season-83 - Player: Stonekeep
2,940 2 days ago 3
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