Knights of the Frozen Throne Card Clarifications & FAQ

With all of the new cards soon to be revealed from Knights of the Frozen Throne we are inevitably left with a lot of questions on how things will work and function. Our Frozen Throne card clarifications guide will help keep track of all of those clarifications and interactions in one place.

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I will be continuing to update this post as more cards are revealed!

Death Knight Hero Cards

The big feature of the new expansion will be the Death Knight Hero cards. You’ll be able to transform your Hero into a Death Knight that has a new Hero Power for you to use!

  • Death Knight Hero cards are a new card type called Hero. They will not interact with things like Mirror Entity or Counterspell. [Source]
  • The Hero card replaces your current Hero, so if you are a Anduin you would become Rexxar if you played Deathstalker Rexxar. [Source]
  • If you are a different Hero Skin you would still become the hero of the card you played. Khadgar would be replaced with Death Knight Jaina. [Source]
  • Unlike Quest cards, Hero cards WILL be available in Arena. [Source]
  • Lord Jaraxxus will NOT be re-branded as a Hero Card. Jaraxxus is slightly different in that he sets your Health. [Source]
  • Hero cards do not replace your health, but do give you five armor when played. [Source]
  • Death Knight Heroes have new Emotes! [Source]

Lifesteal Mechanic

Lifesteal is the new keyword/mechanic coming to Knights of the Frozen Throne. When a card with Lifesteal deals damage, your Hero is healed for the same amount.

Deathstalker Rexxar

When playing Deathstalker Rexxar you receive the new Hero Power: Build-a-Beast. When used you will discover two beasts and combine them together to create a new beast with all the stats of both creatures sewn together: mana cost, attack, health, and card text. The card is then added to your hand.

  • When building a Beast you will not be given a choice of Beast that costs more than 5 mana (because the mana cost would be above 10 and mostly unplayable). No Savannah Highmane combinations unfortunately! [Source]
  • The first card you get to choose from are cards with text, and the second is cards with Keywords or are Vanilla (no text)! [Source]
  • The odds of receiving a Hunter or Neutral Beast card to choose from are equal. [Source]

Watch Deathstalker Rexxar in Action


Defile is seeing a lot of attention because the effect is unique and has far reaching consequences. The card is causing a nerf to the beloved Wild card: Dreadsteed.

  • Dreadsteed is being nerfed to: “Deathrattle: At the end of your turn, summon a Dreadsteed.”
    • You WILL receive a full dust refund for Dreadsteed once Knights of the Frozen Throne is released. [Source]
  • Grim Patron isn’t technically receiving a nerf, but there’s a hard cap on how many activations it will have so it will not go infinite. [Source]


Fatespinner contains a unique mechanic that allows you to secretly make your choose one choice. Your opponent will not know which you’ve decided to choose.

  • The +2/+2 will buff your opponent’s minions as well!
  • If you have Fandral Staghelm on the board the +2/+2 buff will trigger first and then the AOE damage. [Source]


Hadronox is similar to N'Zoth, The Corruptor but with Taunt minions instead of Deathrattles.

Prince Taldaram

Spreading Plague

  • The Scarab token will Cost 2 Mana. [Source]
  • The tokens are called “Scarab Beetle”. [Source]
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